Volcano Fall’s Finger Coaster lets you draw and ride your own VR roller coaster!

Introducing the Finger Coaster – an exciting new technology allowing users to draw a roller coaster and then ride their creation in a thrilling virtual reality!

It’s a ‘make-your-own-ride experience – you use your finger to draw out anything you want. You can make as many loops as
you want, as long as you want, and you can even choose the setting like a lake, a theme park, a beach or frozen tundra.”

Up to four people can ride the newly-created attraction, and once users have created their finger coaster, they sit in a rollercoaster car seated on a motion platform. Wearing a head-mounted virtual reality device, the Finger Coaster takes them on a thrilling ride with sounds, movement and even a fan at certain points to simulate the downhill sections of the virtual ride.

The Finger Coaster is truly one of a kind and a thrilling ride and the first one in the area – only at Volcano Falls!